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We continuously strengthen our advanced  semiconductor technology platform by developing innovative technologies and integrated circuit building blocks that enhance the functionality of electronics devices through brighter, thinner displays, enhanced image quality, smaller form factor and longer battery life. We seek to further build our technology platform through proprietary processes and selective licensing and acquisition of complementary technologies, as well as disciplined process improvements in our manufacturing operations. Our goal is to leverage our experience and development initiatives across multiple end markets and utilize our understanding of system-level issues our customers face to introduce new technologies that enable our customers to develop more advanced, higher performance products.

For example, in 2015, we introduced a range of intelligent sensor product families with low power consumption. The intelligent sensor families include e-Compass and digital hall sensors. The intelligent sensors provide cost-effective features such as small form-factor, multi-function integration and low power consumption.

Our display technology portfolio includes building blocks for display drivers and timing controllers, processor and interface technologies, as well as sophisticated production techniques, such as chip-on-glass, which enables the manufacture of thinner displays. Our advanced display drivers incorporate LTPS TFT and AMOLED panel technologies that enable the highest resolution displays. Furthermore, we are developing a broad intellectual property portfolio to improve the power efficiency of displays, including the development of our contents-based automatic brightness control and automatic current limit.

We have a long history of specialized process technology development and have a number of distinctive process implementations. Expertise in ultra-high voltage, high voltage and deep trench MOS process technologies, low power analog and mixed-signal design capabilities and packaging know-how are key requirements in the power management market. We are currently leveraging our capabilities in these areas with products such as AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, linear regulators, regulators and analog switches and power MOSFETs. We believe our system-level understanding of applications such as LCD televisions and mobile phones will allow us to more quickly develop and customize power management solutions for our customers in these markets.

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