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Nanda Optoelectronics: The currently completed production line design capacity of the ArF photoresist project is 25 tons

Source: Fung Huashun Financial Research Center 2021-05-13

When Nanda Optoelectronics was investigated by an institution, it said that the company’s ArF photoresist product development and industrialization project has completed the construction of a 25-ton photoresist production line. The main advanced lithography equipment, such as ASML immersion lithography machine, has been installed and put into use. use. At the end of 2020, the company’s self-developed ArF photoresist product successfully passed the certification of downstream customers and became the first domestic ArF photoresist to pass product verification. A key breakthrough was made in industrialization and the first order for domestic photoresist was obtained. , Realize small batch sales.
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