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ASML will go to South Korea to build a factory: it is expected to be completed in 2025

Source: IT House 2021-05-17

IT House News on May 17 According to a report by South Korean media Business Korea, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea announced on May 13 that ASML, a leading global lithography machine manufacturer, plans to build lithography equipment remanufacturing in South Korea. The factory and training center, the new factory is expected to be completed in 2025.

The so-called remanufacturing refers to the use of old machinery and equipment as blanks, using special processes and technologies to perform a new manufacturing on the basis of the original manufacturing, and the performance and quality of the remanufactured products are as good as the original ones. New products.

According to media reports, ASM plans to invest 240 billion won (approximately RMB 1.37 billion) in South Korea in the next four years to build an EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source) lithography equipment remanufacturing plant and a training center in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. , Gyeonggi Provincial Government provides assistance to Asmar’s local authorization and business expansion. The main purpose of its EUV lithography equipment remanufacturing plant is to provide assistance for the maintenance and upgrade of EUV lithography machines operating locally in South Korea.

According to IT House, South Korea has previously released a strategic plan for building a semiconductor powerhouse, increasing the tax deduction rate for semiconductor research and development to 40-50%, and also plans to spend about 450 billion US dollars to build the world’s largest chip manufacturing base. South Korea wants to become a chip semiconductor. The intention of the ranks of major powers is self-evident. This time Asim's visit to South Korea to build a factory will greatly help accelerate the construction of South Korean semiconductors.
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