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Ali Pingtou released the Xuantie 907 processor, which has been authorized by many companies

Source: IT House 2021-05-19

IT House May 18 News Alibaba Pingtou Brother released its Xuan Tie series of new processors-Xuan Tie 907, the processor optimized design of the open source RISC-V architecture, can be applied to MPU (microprocessor), intelligent voice , Navigation and positioning, storage control and other fields, according to reports, the processor has been authorized to many companies.

Xuantie 907 expands and enhances the open source RISC-V architecture, adopts a 5-stage pipeline design, has a maximum operating frequency of more than 1GHz, and a unit performance of up to 3.8 Coremark/MHz; this processor also implements the latest RISC-V DSP instruction standard for the first time , Suitable for real-time computing scenarios that require high computing performance, such as storage and industrial control.

IT Home was informed that Pingtou had previously launched a variety of products such as the Xuantie 902, 906 and 910 based on the RISC-V architecture, and the Xuantie series of processors had shipped more than 2 billion.
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