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New Products For QC2.0 Adapter

The HXN0608 and HXN1008 with the high performance of low Resistance-ON, low Qg, low loss and ultra-fast switching speed are specially designed for QC2.0 adapters, and widely applied. The following data is measured in Huawei QC2.0 adapter platform, moreover, the efficiency is improved 1% in virtue of optimized performances than the usage of others MOSFETs.

PART PACKAGE BVDS Vth ID Rds-on(mohm)max
(V) (V) (A) 10V 4.5V 9V/1A 9V/2A
HXN0608 SOP8 60 1.6 8 10 12 86.1 88.2
HXN1008 SOP8 100 1.6 8 18 20 85.5 87.3
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