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Electric bikes perform in terms of range
Range: Many e-bikes come with two 12-volt 12amp-hour batteries which will take an average rider 8, to maybe 10, miles over moderate terrain at 15 mph with no pedalling. The volt-amp-hour rating of such a pack is 288 volt-amp-hours (2 * 12 * 12 or 24V * 12Ah). To estimate the range of other battery packs, simply compare their volt-amp-hours to 288. For example, a 36V 10Ah pack contains 360 volt-amp-hours of "juice" or 25% more than a 24V 12Ah pack (1.25 * 288 = 360). Remember, however, that sealed lead-acid batteries should not be fully discharged to ensure longest life. All else being equal, range is a function of either 1) battery capacity (amp-hours X volts) or 2) speed and ease of recharging (high-power chargers provide lots of miles in less than one hour). There is a direct relationship between battery capacity (amp-hrs) and both weight and physical size (total volume). Commonly used sealed lead-acid batteries weigh twice as much a NiMh batteries of the same rating and 3X a Lithium Polymer battery.
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