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ASML completes shipment of the 100th EUV lithography machine
Source: Fast Technology

TSMC and Samsung have both invested in mass production of the 5nm process. The former's OEM products include Apple A14, M1, Huawei Kirin 9000, etc., and the latter includes Exynos 1080 and Snapdragon 888.

In fact, since 7nm, TSMC and Samsung began to introduce EUV lithography, but the number of layers in the process was relatively small. According to ASML (ASML), after iterating to 5nm, the number of EUV layers reaches 10 to 14 layers, including but not limited to processes such as contacts, vias, and key metal layers. In the future, 3nm and 2nm will rely even more on EUV.

According to the latest data, ASML completed the shipment of its 100th EUV lithography machine in mid-December. The more positive news is that the industry predicts that ASML's EUV lithography machine production capacity will reach 45-50 units this year (2021).

After all, only 26 units of ASML were shipped in 2019, and 23 units were shipped in the whole year after the third quarter of last year (the estimated 35 units for the whole year), which is pitiful.

In addition, ASML is scheduled to deliver the latest generation of EUV lithography machine TWINSCAN NXE:3600D in the middle of next year. The production efficiency has increased by 18%, and the machine matching and registration accuracy has been improved to 1.1nm. 950 million yuan).
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