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Innosecco and ASML reached an agreement to purchase high-capacity i-line and KrF lithography machines in bulk

Source: InnoSec

On January 21, 2021, InnoSec Technology Co., Ltd. and ASML reached an agreement to purchase high-capacity i-line and KrF lithography machines in bulk for the manufacture of advanced silicon-based gallium nitride power devices.

InnoSec Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading silicon-based GaN integrated device manufacturer, and lithography machine manufacturer ASML have recently reached a cooperation agreement to purchase high-capacity i-line and KrF lithography machines in bulk. ASML is a global leader in chip manufacturing equipment. The i-line and KrF of its XT400 and XT860 have been upgraded to be able to manufacture gallium nitride power devices on silicon-based wafers. With its unique TWINSCAN (dual work stage) architecture, ASML's i-line and KrF lithography machines can provide the most outstanding performance, the highest production efficiency and the lowest cost on the market. The dual-stage technology architecture has become the representative of advanced lithography technology in the global 300mm and 200mm wafer production lines. Innosecco will move into the first batch of lithography machines in the second quarter of this year. This is the first mass production of advanced ASML TWINSCAN (dual work stage) lithography technology in the third generation semiconductor field. This implementation marks the third generation. Semiconductor manufacturing technology has officially entered a new era. Innosecco Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2015. It is an enterprise dedicated to the manufacture of third-generation semiconductor silicon-based gallium nitride chips. The company successfully completed and put into production the world's first 200mm silicon-based gallium nitride wafer and power device mass production line. The main products include 200mm silicon-based gallium nitride wafers and 30V-650V gallium nitride power devices. The design and performance of Innosecco products have reached the most advanced level in the world, and have been widely used in PD fast charging, stereo (3D) cameras, mobile electronic devices (including smart phones, laptops, tablet computers) and other fields. InnoSec is committed to building a world-class brand and contributing to the development of the global wide bandgap semiconductor industry.

Power devices and circuits can achieve efficient energy management through high switching frequency and high power density. These functions can be widely used in fast-growing emerging markets such as data centers, renewable energy, and next-generation wireless communication networks. In addition to the small size, due to its high frequency, high power density and other characteristics, silicon-based gallium nitride is also an ideal choice for markets such as fast charging, DC power grids, and new energy vehicles. The "third-generation semiconductor" materials include gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum nitride (AlN), diamond, and zinc oxide (ZnO), while gallium nitride (GaN) is the "third-generation semiconductor" A typical representative of materials, it has broad market application prospects.

At the signing ceremony held in Zhuhai on January 21, 2021, Mr. Sun Zaiheng, CEO of InnoSec, said: "I am very honored to announce that InnoSec and ASML have reached a cooperation agreement, we will work together to use GaN technology to change In the future, as a company committed to promoting the third-generation semiconductor innovation revolution, we need to cooperate with a global semiconductor leader such as ASML to adopt more advanced manufacturing processes to achieve higher performance, yield, and output. Growing various application areas (such as fast charging, TOF cameras (Time-of-Flight Camera), smart phones, electric vehicles, data centers, etc.) jointly launched the most advanced solutions and the next generation of gallium nitride devices, for Our customers, partners and consumers create more valuable products and services. The third generation of semiconductors is a revolutionary upgrade in the industry, and change is never simple. It requires us to work together, and we will achieve win-win cooperation. .

Shen Bo, Vice President of ASML and President of China Region, said: "We are very happy to be a partner of InnoSec. The third-generation semiconductor has broad application prospects in the global market, and ASML will do its best to provide lithography solutions and services. To support the development of Innosecco in this field."

"The XT platform we applied to the 200mm wafer production line, including lithography machines such as i-line, KrF and dry ArF, is an ideal long-term solution for the fast-growing silicon-based gallium nitride market, not only in terms of productivity and cost. Yes, with the application of gallium nitride (GaN) materials in new fields, the registration accuracy and imaging requirements will also expand over time." Toni Mesquida, senior director of product marketing and business development for ASML's deep ultraviolet lithography business Kuesters said: "We are committed to helping InnoSec achieve its expected goals and look forward to fruitful cooperation."
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