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Micron cooperates with Lenovo and Linkpower to establish a joint laboratory

Source: TechWeb

[TechWeb] On January 25th, Micron Technology announced the establishment of a joint laboratory in collaboration with Lenovo and Linktek (Lenovo’s largest manufacturing and R&D organization). This laboratory is the first joint laboratory in the memory and storage industry that simultaneously unites an original design manufacturer (ODM) and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This unique tripartite cooperation model will accelerate the application of Micron’s cutting-edge DRAM and NAND innovative technologies (such as GDDR6, LPDDR5, DDR5, and PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD) in Lenovo’s product design to better meet users’ core workload requirements.

According to reports, the newly established laboratory will strive to respond to the market demand for remote office and online games.
In order to cope with the continuous increase in market demand for remote office, distance education and online games, the cooperation of the three parties will focus on accelerating the development cycle of PCs and laptops. Micron will participate in the testing and evaluation of the development platform, and provide differentiated products for customers to achieve system optimization based on memory and storage requirements. This cooperation not only strengthens Lenovo’s R&D strength, but also ensures that future product planning is directly linked to product application functions, and promotes breakthroughs in performance, efficacy and portability of personal computing devices.
Mike Bokan, Micron’s senior vice president of global sales, said: “Micron is always committed to promoting innovation, promoting scientific research and optimizing processes. Through cooperation with Lenovo and Union Power, we hope to discover and solve technical problems in the early stages of customer product development, thereby accelerating Products are on the market while ensuring excellent quality and performance to meet customer and industry needs."

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