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Li Dongsheng: TCL has established a semiconductor department to look for investment opportunities in integrated circuits

Source: TrendForce 2021-03-05

Recently, Li Dongsheng, a representative of the National People's Congress and the founder of TCL, said in an interview that TCL Technology has established a semiconductor business unit and is ready to look for investment opportunities in the integrated circuit industry in the following three areas:

First, investment opportunities in the field of semiconductor power devices: At present, the market demand for this industry is growing steadily. TCL Technology plans to expand production capacity and improve technology in semiconductor power devices, and strive to be the first to make breakthroughs in this field. The field of semiconductor power devices is the main device required by TCL technology, and most manufacturing industries, including new energy vehicles, involve semiconductor power devices.

Second, most IC companies such as Qualcomm, NDK and domestic Spreadtrum have not directly invested in wafer manufacturing products. According to this business model, TCL Technology is looking for breakthroughs in three areas: smart terminals, semiconductor display materials, and new energy.

The third area is to leverage the company's capital platform advantages, including its industrial funds, to seek investment opportunities in the integrated circuit industry, to give play to industrial synergies and enhance competitiveness.
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